This is a collection of YouTube Videos uploaded by Smrithy Rajesh (Addu's mom)

Smrithy uses Avaz to teach Advaith the concepts of numbers, counting, descriptors (clean, dirty etc.), introducing him to the Keyboard and progressing towards longer sentences. 

Advaith Rajesh is a student of Bubbles Centre, Bangalore, India. 

Communication using Avaz - Training kids with Autism

Uploaded by Smrithy Rajesh, on Youtube in Feb 2017:

"Before 4 Years in an open house at Bubbles centre for Autism, our Principal Sarbani Mukherjee Mallick Ma'am was telling us to spend one day with friends and family by closing our mouth with a plaster. Our friends and partners talking about us and preparing everything for us, but we are not able to express our likes and dislikes in that. At that day through this example she was explaining about the communication difficulties of kids with Autism. I was really touched with that and was trying my best to teach my son how to communicate. I started with PECS, step by step and then last year I attended a workshop with Dr. Preeja Balan at our school Bubbles centre for Autism about Avaz. Then I customised Avaz for Advaith and moved to Avaz. Now he is communicating independently with Avaz. I Believe My post will help lots of parents. I believe that this is the best thing I did for my Son. I am sharing a video of Advaith, you all can see how he is using Avaz in different situation."

Watch the video below (4.5 mins) 

First 1.30 mins - How the app has been customized for Advaith's needs. 

From 1.30 mins onwards - How he uses Avaz for expressing his preferences of food, songs, activities, etc. 

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View more videos : How Smrity uses Avaz to teach Advaith, various concepts, and leading to literacy. 

Counting with Avaz - using physical objects 


Counting with Avaz - using Pictures

Teaching concepts like big-small, clean-dirty - using Avaz

Creating Visual schedules using Avaz 

Storytime with Avaz


Typing alphabets in Avaz Keyboard by touching, using visual cue 

Typing alphabets in Avaz Keyboard, without visual cue, with phonetic sounds

Typing words using Avaz Keyboard

Typing simple sentences using Avaz Keyboard