Dipak Ghosh, is a young man from Kolkata. He is an accomplished artist and musician. He is also an AAC Trainer and Research Asst from Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy (IICP), Kolkata. 

He is wheelchair-bound and cannot use his hands because of cerebral palsy. But that doesn’t stop him from writing, sketching and working on his computer and communicating his thoughts and ideas to the world around. He trained himself to perform all tasks using his feet, including using Avaz app to communicate! 

Here, he uses Avaz app to communicate, with the help of his legs (yes, legs!!) Watch the video below: 

Interview at NISH

Below is a video of Dipak giving an interview , using Avaz, to an audience of over a 100 people about his life journey. 

As you can see Avaz has enabled Dipak to communicate and convey all his thoughts and opinions. Today Dipak is one of West Bengal's foremost disability rights activists. He conveys his thoughts and opinions on various platforms with ease, thanks to Avaz.