You can change the voice to suit the user, through the Settings menu. 

  1. Tap Settings  and scroll down to the bottom of the Settings menu to find Audio settings. 
  2. Tap Voice(under Audio settings) to change the voice that suits the child.
  3. You can choose from several voices and accents - 4 to 8 English voices and 26 other language voices. 

For both Avaz Pro and Avaz Lite versions

      • English voices (available for both Pro and Lite, including free trials)
        • US female (Kim)
        • British male voice (Daniel)
        • Irish female Voice (Moira)
        • Australian female voice (Camille)
      • Premier voices (not available for Avaz Lite versions on free trials that don't have subscriptions)
        • US male child (Justin)
        • US female child (Ivy)
        • US male voice (Joey)
        • US female voice (Sally)
      • Other language voices (available for all versions)

                  Click here to See List of other languages supported by Avaz

Avaz subscription and Avaz Pro offer 8 voices - US female(2), US male, US child (girl), US child (boy), British male, Irish female and Australian female voices. 

Avaz Together offers 4 voices - US female, British male, Irish female and Australian female voices. 

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