Avaz ver 6.6.5 onwards is a consolidated version of Avaz app (Avaz AAC), that includes all the languages that were previously existing as independent apps. Note that the new app does not have any country’s flag in the logo, on the app store.

How to set up language 

  1. You can set up the language while logging in / signing up on the app, or from within the app's Settings. You can select from the following languages:
    • English (US)

    • English (UK)

    • English (AU)

    • English (India) and 6 regional languages 

    • Magyar (Hungary)

    • Français (France)

    • Svenska (Sweden)

    • Sinhalese and Tamil with English

    • Føroyskt (Faroe Islands)

    • Dansk (Denmark)

  2. Tap Next to load the home page in Picture mode.
  3. When you select the language of your choice, the respective vocabulary will be loaded in the app and the entire app (all in-app text including messages and buttons) will also be changed to the same language.

How to change language within the app

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Change Language

  2. Select the language of your choice.

  3. Tap Next to load the home page in Picture mode in the selected language.