Avaz AAC App on iOS (Version 6.6.5) is a consolidated version of all the apps of the different languages that were previously existing as individual apps. This step allows us to become more efficient in making changes to the app, and rolling out more frequent updates! 

The languages consolidated into this app includes: 

  • English (UK)

  • English (AU)

  • English (India) and 6 regional languages 

  • Magyar (Hungary)

  • Français (France)

  • Svenska (Sweden)

  • Sinhalese and Tamil with English

  • Føroyskt (Faroe Islands)

  • Dansk (Denmark)

Note: The above individual apps have been removed from the app store and these apps will no longer be supported.

If you are an existing user of any of the above apps, please note : 

  1. You are not immediately affected by the change. 
  2. You can continue to work on the app, and the app data will not be affected in any way. 


  1. You will no longer receive any future updates to these apps as we will be working only on the new combined app, going forward. 
  2. We will not be able to support you for resolving any issues faced in the above individual apps. 

Hence, it is highly recommended for existing users to :

Migrate your content  from your current app to the new app, so that you can continue to receive future updates to the app.

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