Follow the steps below to migrate your data to the new app. 

Note: These steps are relevant for iOS ver 11-14 only.

  1. In your existing app - create a new backup of your content. 
    Go to Settings > Backup & Restore> Create New Backup. This creates a new backup that's displayed under Restore from Backups. 

  2. Tap the Backup created. Select Share via AirDrop option.

  3. Select Save to Files.

  4.  Tap Add to add the backup to Files

  5. The backup is added to Files. 

  6. The backup will be visible under Files in the device. 

  7. Tap Share and select the Avaz App icon (of combined app) to share the backup. 

  8. The backup is now available in the new app under Settings > Backup & Restore.
  9. Tap the Backup to restore.
  10. Select Replace to replace the default vocabulary.

    The new app is now ready to use with your previous app's content. 

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