Avaz ver 6.6.5 is a new app that combines all the independent Avaz apps (that were present for various languages) into one combined app where you can select the required language. 

Refer to Release notes ver 6.6.5 (iOS) for more details. 

We highly recommend the existing users to download the new app and migrate your data from your existing app to the new app, in order to continue to receive app updates in the future. 

Note: Even without moving to the new app, you can continue using the app, but you will not receive any further app updates until you migrate to the new app. 

How to migrate your data from your existing app to the new app?

1. Download and login to the new app

  1. Download the new app - Avaz AAC from the App Store 
  2. Login in to this new app using your existing email ID and password
    1. You can find your username in the existing app under Settings -> Support Avaz
    2. If you don't remember the password, use the Forgot Password option to receive a reset link to your registered email id. 
    3. If you have trouble accessing the email to reset the password, you can register the new Avaz app with a different (new) email address. 
      1. Note: If you are a paid user and you haven't used the email ID linked to your payment, your subscription may not appear here. If this is the case, email us at support@avazapp.com, along with the new email ID, and we'll assist you with your subscription. Meanwhile, you can continue using Avaz with the free 14-day trial on the new account.

2. Migrate your Vocabulary from current app to new app

To restore to your vocabulary with all your customizations from the standalone app: 

  1. Create a backup of your existing vocabulary. 

  2. Transfer the backup to the new app:
  1. For iOS 11 to iOS 14 (migrate via AirDrop)

    1. Migrate directly to the new combined app (via AirDrop)

  2. For iOS 15 & 1OS 16   

    1. Share via Dropbox  

    2. Share through cables using the computer - via iTunes

      1. Share via iTunes using MacBook 

      2. Share via iTunes using Windows

  3. For Less than iOS 11

The new combined app is not supported. You will have to update your iOS to 11 or above for Avaz to be supported. 

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