If you want to mute the audio when icons or folders are tapped, you can set it up in What to Speak option under Audio settings. 

  1. Tap the Menu icon on the top right corner and tap Settings. (For earlier versions, tap Settings directly.) 
  2. Scroll down to Audio Settings > What to Speak. See screenshots below. 
  3. Select the option that you wish to use, as described below. 

What to Speak options: 

1. Speak Everything 

  • This enables audio for every tap.
  • In the picture mode, it speaks the folder names and icons when tapped.
  • In the keyboard mode, it speaks every alphabet and number that is tapped.
  • This is useful for a beginner, to get to know the buttons and to understand what they represent and to help the user learn to navigate through the app. The setting provides audio reinforcement which aids initial learning.

2. Speak Words

  • In the picture mode, it speaks the words but mutes the folder names. 
  • In the keyboard mode, it disables the audio for every alphabet and speaks only when the word is formed.
  • This is useful once the child knows how to navigate and only wants to hear the words he uses.

3. Speak only Message box

  • This enables audio only when the message box is tapped. 
  • In the picture mode, the words and folder names are muted when tapped.
  • In the keyboard mode, the alphabets and words are muted when tapped. 
  • Note that this is a useful setting for advanced communicators. It is also useful in an inclusive classroom environment, since it does not disturb other students in the classroom while the AAC user is navigating to compose the sentence. 

Screenshot: Settings > What to Speak (under Audio Settings)

Screenshot: 'What to Speak' options

For Avaz Vers less than v6.6

Screenshot: Settings > What to Speak 

Screenshot: 'What to Speak' options