Avaz Dansk is available for iPads only. Note that the Android version of Avaz Dansk has been discontinued from the App store from August 2015 and we will not be supporting the Android version any longer. 

Avaz Dansk (for iPad)

    • This is available as a free download with in-app subscriptions.
    • Free trial for one week (after sign up)
    • Monthly subscription - 79,00 kr
    • Lifetime purchase - 799,00 kr

Note : expiry of subscription (free or monthly) will result in loss of images and audio from the app, until a purchase is done (either monthly subscription or lifetime purchase)


Avaz Dansk Pro (for iPad)

    • The Pro version is exactly the SAME app as the regular Avaz Dansk app, with the only exception that this is a one-time purchase for 799,00 kr and allows a School bulk purchase through Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) that offers a 50% discount on a purchase of 20+ copies. The functionality remains identical to the regular Avaz Dansk app. 
    • Click here to download Avaz Dansk Pro on App Store