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Teaching Communicative functions

Communicative functions refer to the various purposes for which we communicate or have an interaction with others. It is important to note that Communication is not merely requesting, but consists of a whole host of other forms of expression - such as greeting, commenting, relating, joking, suggesting, asking questions etc.


Teaching Core words and language development

Core words are the building blocks of language. Core vocabulary or Core words refers to a small set of simple words that are used frequently and across all contexts. They can be taught and reinforced through a variety of activities. Core words also give scope for quick and easy 2-word combinations and 3-word simple sentences. Core vocabulary is powerful because it allows communicators to express a wide variety of concepts with a very small number of words. Fringe words are nouns and used less frequently and only in specific contexts. 


Teaching Social skills

This section can be done in parallel with the above communicative functions, as they pertain to developing social skills. 


Expanding vocabulary and developing language (Academic concepts)

Given below are some concepts that enhances conception  


 How to make your child's communication more efficient?


1. Hide icons that you don't want to show

If the user is new to Avaz, you can limit the number of choices offered to them, by hiding the icons that are not required initially. You can do that by using the Hide and Show buttons in the Edit mode. This helps you to keep limited icons in the child's view and reveal one by one, as he progresses. 


To know how to Hide buttons on the page click here - How to hide icons on the screen (1 min video)

2. Use communicative temptations

    Use Communicative Temptations to motivate the child to communicate.

How to model words in Avaz more efficiently?

1. Practice sentences in Avaz, to model the use of Avaz with your child

Research suggests that one of the most effective strategies to In order to use Avaz yourself (for Modeling - refer below), it is important that you become fluent with the Avaz vocabulary word layout because your child is going to learn Avaz by watching you use Avaz and by imitating you. In Avaz versions 4.2+, you have the Dashboard > Practice mode that guides you with visual hints to find the location and layouts of different words, so that you can locate it easily when you model sentences while speaking to your child. Read more about Practice sentences.


2. Learn Communication strategies using Comm Adventures (in Avaz ver 4.2+)       

We also urge you to learn the right communication techniques while using Avaz with your child. Avaz Dashboard (helps you learn therapist-recommended best practices for communicating with your child, through a fun, game-based approach, rather than through a manual. You can play the Comm Adventures game, where Johnny is a 7-year old boy with complex communication needs, engaged in typical day-to-day activities. In each activity, you are presented with typical scenarios and offered possible conversations options to pick from. With every response that you choose(right or wrong) there is a tip/learning associated with it. If you play the game over a series of activities, you will learn the various strategies in a fun-filled manner. Read more about  What is Communication Adventure and how do I play it?

Download Comm Adventure game