Personalizing Avaz for the child is an important step for successful communication implementation. 

For a new user, you can personalize Avaz vocabulary by adding the photos /symbols of the child's environment - e.g. familiar people, places in the child's environment and the child’s favourites. Seeing their favourite items motivates the child to communicate and helps them have more meaningful conversations. 

Important to note:

Start with personalizing a few of the child's favourites. While it is certainly motivating for the child to see and use the familiar words in their environment, make sure that you don't focus on only the personalized words for the child's communication.  Let it be a blend of Core words (80%) and the custom words or Fringe words (20%), as it is the Core words that are the building blocks of language and so essential for language development. Focussing on the Fringe words does NOT result in language development or functional communication. 

Identify your child's favourite items

Observe your child through the day and identify and make a list of their favourite items that they frequently request during the day. E.g. the child may ask for their favourite items "popcorn" and "train". You can also choose their favourite foods or sensory toys and an activity to begin with. 

Make a list of their favourite items and activities, called Reinforcer List. You can gradually add some of these to Avaz. Seeing these items in the app will provide positive reinforcement and will motivate the child to turn to the app for requesting for it. Keep this handy list so that you can add it in at the appropriate points. Also identify a set of non-favourite items that can be used while providing choice or teaching negation.

For young adult AAC users, you can consider adding their favourite books, movies, songs, music, TV shows, sports activities etc.  

What categories and items to personalize ?

You can start with some of the most important folders: add a few items under each - say 2-3 favourites under each of these categories, to begin with. 

Folder name

Items / icons to be added in the folder

My Food

user's favourite food items - e.g. puri aloo, bhel puri, masala dosa etc. 

My activities

User's favourite activities - e.g. swing, scooter ride, play-dough etc.  

My Toys

User's favourite (sensory) toys - e.g. squeeze ball, sandbox  etc. 

As the child gets used to using Avaz for his needs, you can gradually increase the range to include Avaz for the child's daily needs. 

Here are some of the important folders to personalize as the user starts using Avaz  for more activities in daily life: 

Folder name

Items / icons to be added in the folder

Some examples


familiar people in the user's life - use same words as known to the child - include family members, friends, domestic helpers, teachers etc. 

appa, mama, thatha, nani etc.  


favourite foods

poori, bhel puri, pizza, juice  


favourite places 

park, grandma's house, friend's houses etc.


favourite toys  

train, car, blocks, Lego etc. 


favourite activities / games / sports

cricket, football, swimming, 

TV Shows

favourite TV Channels and shows

Disney, Chota Bheem, Oggy and the cockroaches etc.


favourite book names

Hungry little caterpillar, Fox and the crow etc.


favourite song names, nursery rhymes

Wheels on the bus, Going to the Zoo etc. 


favourite restaurants and the food available in those restaurants

Dominoes (pizza, coke etc.)

Haldiram's (chat, pav bhaji etc.)


Medicines specifically used for the child's needs

Crocin, Vicks etc. 

Shopping items

Items to purchase while shopping

Bournvita, biscuits, chips, etc.

How to personalize Avaz vocabulary (5 min video)

Watch how to add new folders, new words / icons, many items together, change selecting images from library or web, recording your own voice

 If the above video does not play, click here - How to personalize Avaz vocabulary (5 min video)

How to add many items at one go (30 sec video)

If the above video does not work, click here to view - How to add many items at one go? (30 sec video)

Here is a sample Reinforcer checklist to help you - see attachment below.  Please note that this is also an editable list.