Avaz has several settings that will help you personalize and make Avaz more closely tailored to fit your child's unique needs and strengths.  There are various settings that can help support varying levels of cognitive, visual and motor needs. 

Here are some of the important settings:

Note: ** - Settings to be considered for first time users of Avaz

For Picture mode users:

  1. Change number of pictures per screen **

For Keyboard mode users

  1. Turn off Predicted words
  2.  Settings for Predicted words

Common settings for Both modes

  1. Setting for child having low vision or visual challenges **
  2. Settings for child having fine motor difficulties **
  3. Turning off the image / key enlargement **
  4. Set up Grammar settings

These are just a few of the important settings. Besides the above, there are many more settings that you can choose from. Browse through the Settings by tapping the Settings button.