Teaching WHERE 

WHERE can be used to talk about a place (eg. home/ school) or a location (e.g. in the cupboard, in the bedroom etc.) 

  1. Hide your child's favourite object and start looking for it.
  2. "Where is your teddy? Let's look for it." Pretend to look for it and on finding it "Oh here it is."
  3. While speaking the sentence. model the word WHERE on Avaz, and stressing on the word as you speak it. 
  4. Repeat this with many other objects that interest the child. Hide the favourite objects and help search for it using WHERE. 
  5. Keep modelling for many days. 
  6. Over time, let the user ask you the question on Avaz. Use prompting techniques to initiate. 
  7. Encourage the user to ask you questions while you answer them on Avaz. 
  8. Encourage users to ask questions on Avaz and while you answer these questions. Make it a meaningful activity and refrain from testing the user with known facts.

More ways for developing WHERE 

You can also offer choices to help the child make a choice. 

Place / location ActivitiesQuestions to ask
Albums  or picture cards of places
Where  did we go - lake / mountain / grandma's house
Where were we for the birthday - grandma's house
Where did we go on a boat ride - in Nainital 

Where did we climb the mountains  - in Ooty

Where did we go to the beach - in Goa

Watching TV / movie / books
Where are they going? .. to the park
Where are they sitting? on the chair
Where is the bird flying ? .. in the sky
Where is the monkey sitting?  .. on the tree
Going out
Where are we going ? friends house / museum
Where did we go yesterday ? to the park / restaurant
Rooms of the house
Where do you have a bath - in the bathroom or kitchen?
Where do I cook - in the kitchen or bedroom?
Where do we sleep - in the bedroom or bathroom?

Where do we eat food - in the dining room or bedroom?

Where do you brush your teeth - in the kitchen or bathroom ?

Body parts
Where is your stomach? Here it is .. tickle .. tickle
Where is your head ?
Where is my stomach ?
Where is my head? 
PlaceOther placesWhere do you play in the swing ? in the park or in the swimming pool
Where do you swim ? swimming pool or kitchen
Where do you order pizza to eat - in restaurant or school 
Where do you cut your hair - in the salon or park
Where do you go to pray - to garden or temple
LocationAnimal homes
(use picture cards to show)
Where do we live ? in the house
Where does the cow live ? in the farm 
Where does the dog live ? in the kennel 
Where does the horse live ? in the stable
Where does the fish live ? in the water
Where does the duck live ? in the water
Where does the lion live ? in the jungle
Where does the bee live ? in the bee-hive
Location / positionsPositions / PrepositionsWhere is the teddy? In the cupboard
Where is the ball? on the floor
Where is the computer? on the table
Where is the pillow? on the bed
Where is the water? in the bottle
Where is the pen? on the book


Add the child's favourite places and engage in conversations around those. 

  • Where can we find animals - in the zoo 
  • Where do we play in the sane - in the beach
  • Where do we see animals riding a cycle - at the circus
  • Where do we see a movie and eating popcorn - at the theatre
  • Where do you play in the see-saw - in the park
  • Where did we see fish in a tank - at the aquarium  

Avaz vocabulary related to Places / locations

Note: the screenshots below are taken from Avaz India app vocabulary

1) Rooms in the house

2. Outdoor - fun places 

3. Outdoor - other places 

4. Holiday locations

5. Restaurants / places to eat 

6. Shops


Offering choices makes it easier for the child to see the distinction and for better understanding of the concept. 

E.g. When we say "Where do you swim" - in the swimming pool or in the library - the child child understands the concept from the context of the choices offered. 

Playing Games to teach WHERE

Play games to ask the child to match the animal to it's home. Use picture cards if required.

Games like Bingo offer interesting ways of teaching WHERE concepts. 

1. Peek-a-boo 

Cover your face with a shawl and ask the child "Where is mama/ papa?". Stress on Where while speaking the sentence aloud and tap on Where in Avaz simultaneously. Then wait for the child the reach out and uncover your face and you say "Here is mama/papa". Similarly cover the cloth over other family members and play the same game. 

2. Hide and seek

Similarly hide yourself behind the door or a tree (if outdoors) and say "Where is mama or papa" and ask the child to look for you. Ask other family members to hide and you can engage the child by searching for the hiding member. 

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