Teaching WHO 

You can teach the concept of WHO using family members to begin with. 

Use Avaz to ask the Who question and provide the response. 

Use the PEOPLE folder in Avaz to teach the concept. 



Start with the family members at home.

Parent: Who is this (pointing to the child)

Parent: This is <child's name>.

Parent: Who is this (pointing to yourself)

Parent: This is mama. 

Parent: Who is this (pointing to dad)

Parent: This is papa. 

Parent: Who is this (pointing to brother)

Parent: This is <brother's name>. 

Parent: Who is this (pointing to sister)

Parent: This is <sister's name>. 

You can also use Avaz Family folder. 

Upload each member's photo. 

Repeat the above exercise pointing to each member that the child identifies with. 

Engage in interactive questions and ask your child to point to the correct answer. Provide choices for helping them understand better. 

  • Who reads books for you ?  Papa or uncle?
  • Who cooks food for you? mama or sister?
  • Who combs your hair? grandpa or mama?
  • Who helps you with a bath ? mama or brother?
  • Who drives you to school? grandma or papa?


Customize your Avaz folder to add the photos of the people in the child's life related to school - all their teachers, therapists, school friends etc. 

  • Who is your Crafts teacher ?  
  • Who is your OT teacher ?
  • Who drives you to school in the bus?
  • Who does your speech class?
  • Who is your PT teacher?


Add your child's favourite TV characters on Avaz, and ask questions related to them. 


  • Who  is this? This is Chota Bheem
  • Who runs after Jerry, the mouse? Tom
  • Who is Tom chasing? Jerry. 


Use the HELPERS screen to talk about the different helpers in the child's life while also teaching the WHO concept. 

  • Who cuts your hair ? Barber. He cut your hair yesterday. 
  • Who stitches your clothes ? The tailor. He stitched your new shirt. 
  • Who directs traffic on the road ? The police. He tell us to go or stop. 
  • Who cleans our garden? The gardener
  • Who serves us food at the restaurant - the waiter. 
  • Who repairs our lights and fans ? The electrician. 
  • Who repairs our tap leaks ? the plumber. 
  • Who repairs our cars ? The car mechanic. 


Offering choices makes it easier for the child to understand the concept because of the context offered by the choices, which helps the child to discriminate better by association of the two words involved in the actual context. And it also makes it easier for a response.

E.g. When we say 

"Who cuts your hair - barber or teacher" 

"Who bakes you a cake - your friend or mama"

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