Teaching to respond to WHEN questions requires an understanding of time concept and conditional concepts. 

Use appropriate folders from Avaz while engaging with the child on these interactions. Offer the choices to respond appropriately. 

When do you eat your breakfast? - in the morning
When do you go to sleep? - in the night
When do you play in the park? - in the evening
When does dad go to office? - in the morning
When do you eat lunch?- in the afternoon
calendarWhen is New Year - on Jan 1st
When do you go for swimming - on monday or saturday?
When do we go on picnic ? - on wednesday or sunday?
When is your birthday - in May or August?
When do you have ice cream - in summer or winter?
When do you wear a jacket - in summer or winter?
When do you wear gloves - in summer or winter?
festivalsWhen is New Year - Jan 1st
When does Santa Clause give gifts? - on Christmas
When do we light lamps? - on Diwali
When do we play with colours - on Holi
When do we have fireworks - on Diwali
occasionsWhen do you cut a cake with candles - on your birthday
When do you receive gifts ? - on your birthday
When did you sing Happy birthday for your brother - on his birthday
now or laterWhen do you want to eat - now or later? Ok let's eat now.
When do you want to go to the park- now or later?
When do you want to bathe - now or later? Ok you can bathe later. 
When do you want to sleep - now or later?
When do you want to go cycling- now or later?
When do you use an umbrella? - when it rains
When do you use a handkerchief or tissue - when you have a cold
When do I feed you? - when you are hungry
When do we water the plants - when they are getting dry
When do you turn open the tap - when you wash your hands
When do you drink water? - when you are thirsty
When do you have medicine - when you have a cough


Offering choices makes it easier for the child to understand the concept and makes it easier for a response. 

E.g. When we say:

"When do you eat breakfast - in the morning or in the night?". 

"When do you cross the road - when there are no cars or when there are many cars driving? "

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