In version 6.6

As you type, Avaz predicts at three levels: 

Current word
Avaz predicts the current word as you are typing the word.

Next word
Avaz predicts the next word after you have typed in a word. This is based on a 3–4-word phrase prediction. 

Phonetic match
Avaz predicts the next word after you have typed a wrong spelling based on phonetic. E.g. if you have typed "nife" the predicted word is "knife". 

By default, all the different types of predictions are ON and active. 

To turn off the specific types of prediction: 

  1. Tap on Menu > Settings > (Prediction Settings)> What to Predict 
  2. Select the specific type of setting that you want to turn OFF: 
  • To turn off the Next word prediction.
    • Turn off 'Next word'
  • To turn off the Current word prediction.
    • Turn off Current word
  • You can turn off the Phonetic match.
    • Turn off "Phonetic match"

In version below 6.6

In the settings, 
  • You can turn off the current word prediction 
    • Settings > Prediction > turn off ‘Current word’ 
  • You can turn off the Next word prediction 
    • Settings > Prediction > turn off ‘Next word’

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