There are several settings that you can choose from, for Predicted words in the keyboard mode. 

The following are the options that you can set up for prediction, under Menu > Settings > Prediction Settings (under Keyboard Settings).

Prediction settings
  1. Turn Prediction to ON/OFF
    1. By default, as you type, the word gets predicted. This can get turned OFF with this setting where words are not predicted as you type.
  2. Set Predict with pictures to ON/OFF.
    1. This can turn on/off the display of pictures for predicted words.
  3. What to Predict
    1. Next word prediction - this turns on/off the prediction of the next word in the prediction display.
    2. Current word prediction - this turns on/off the current word prediction, as you type the letters. 
    3. Phonetic match - this turns on/off the phonetic match of words. Click here to read more about How Phonetic match works.

    In Avaz versions 6.6. and above

    1. Tap Menu >Settings > Prediction under Keyboard Settings.  

In Avaz version below 6.6.

Additionally there is another setting for prediction in the earlier version which is currently not available in the newer version. 

  • When to Predict
    • Prediction delay
You can introduce a delay in prediction by setting up a delay of 1-5 seconds. This means that prediction will kick in after the specified delay, which gives the child a chance to attempt it on his own before the predicted words are displayed. 

Screenshot showing the Prediction Settings

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