You can purchase Avaz app from your device directly from the app store - you can purchase it from the App store (for iPads) or Google Play store (for Android) - and make online payment for purchase. 

  1. Tap on App Store icon (for iPad) or Play Store icon (for Android devices).
    App store icon in iPad / iPhone PlayStore icon in Androi
  2. Type the name of the app that you want to purchase, in the Search box on the top right corner of the page. This displays the app(s).
  3. To buy the app, tap the price button. It will then turn into a "Buy App" button. Tap it once more to purchase it.
  4. For iPad, you'll be asked to type in the password for your iTunes Apple ID. Type it in and click OK to proceed. 
  5. Enter your credit card details to complete the purchase. Once this is done, the app automatically starts downloading. This may take several minutes depending on your internet connectivity and speed. 

Links to purchase apps from App Store 

For iOS: (on iPads / iPhones)

Avaz AAC Lifetime on App Store 

Avaz AAC on App Store (Subscription version)

For Android tabs / phones (subscription versions only):

    Avaz AAC on Android 

    Avaz AAC India on Android