If you are facing issues with purchase of Avaz India (Android from the Play Store), you can purchase the app from the following links. 

Note: These links are for purchase of Avaz India on Android ONLY. 


Links to purchase Avaz India (Android) app

Click the links below, depending on the type of Subscription you wish to purchase: 

This is how your Razor pay page will look like:


  1. For Email prompt - Enter your email id 
  2. For Phone prompt - Enter your phone number 
  3. For Name prompt - Enter the name of the AAC user - the child / adult who will be using the app
  4. For UserID - Enter the phone number that you wish to register with the app and where you will also receive the OTP for signing up into the app.
  5.  For Platform prompt: Select the platform as Android
  6. For SourceID - Select the source from which you got to know about Avaz.
  7. Tap the Pay button and make the payment online. 
  8. Once the payment is completed from your end, you will receive a mail on your mail id given above. 
  9. Next you can download the app from the PlayStore on your device - Download Avaz India from PlayStore
  10. Tap the Sign Up button to sign up as a new user.  
  11. Enter the same User ID (phone number or email id) that was entered above. The app will automatically log you into the app. 

If you encounter any issues, please write to support@avazapp.com

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