For iOS, Avaz India is no longer a separate app - it has been merged with Avaz AAC app, where language has to be selected. Once selected, the vocabulary is set to Indian vocabulary.

In Android, it is still a separate app.

For Android: 

Avaz India is currently available as a separate app, only on Android. Click here for Avaz AAC India on Android Play Store

For iOS:

On iOS,  Avaz AAC ver 6.6 (and above) combines all individual language apps into one single app, where the language can be selected as Indian vocabulary. 

Click here to see 

  1. How to change the language in the app?
  2. How to change the voice to Indian-accented voice?

Differences between Avaz India vocabulary and international app / vocabulary:

The main differences in Avaz India vocabulary (as compared to the international app/vocabulary) are: 

  1. Indian-accented English Voices
  2. Picture vocabulary - The picture vocabulary is different - it has a basic vocabulary (in the name of the user), an Advanced vocabulary and Other Languages vocabulary. The vocabulary has been localized to include Indian foods, festivals, clothes, currencies etc. See screenshot below. 
  3. The Other Languages folder has additionally local language vocabularies available in  6 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. These have recorded audio in the different languages; however the image text, Avaz keyboard and the rest of the app will remain in English.

For Avaz less than 6.6

Avaz India existed as a separate app on iOS and Android. 

Avaz India is typically on par with the international versions of Avaz Pro and Lite (barring a few months difference) in terms of features. The main difference is in the localization of the app to make it culturally relevant for the Indian user. 

Sample screenshot from Food page:

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