Avaz India is available for iPads and Android tablets and phones and can be purchased from the App Store (for iOS) and Play Store (for Android). 

Avaz India on Android

  • This is available as a free download with in-app subscriptions
  • Free trial for one week (after sign up)
  • Monthly subscription - Rs.299
  • Annual subscription - Rs.2999
  • Lifetime purchase - Rs.8999
  • Note : expiry of subscription will result in loss of images and audio from the app, until a purchase is done (either monthly or lifetime)
  • Click to download Avaz India on Play Store
  • Click here to see how to purchase in-app subscription

    Note: Avaz India is available only on the Indian Play store. If you want to use Avaz India from other countries, download Avaz AAC from the Play Store, and select India from the country / language option. 

More subscription plans and discounted pricing for Android:

You can also purchase Avaz India from here which offers More Pricing options and discounts - which offers more subscription plans that can suit your pocket.  

Note that the above link is valid only for Avaz India on Android. 

Avaz India on iPad

Note: Avaz India is available only on the Indian App store.