Avaz Pricing 

The Avaz pricing from the App Store or Play Store is given below: 

1. Avaz Lifetime (one time purchase from App Store or Play Store)

    • $199.99 
    • Avaz is also available for Volume Purchase Program (VPP) offered by Apple for educational institutions, wherein you can get a 50% discount for a purchase of 20+ copies. Click here to see the list of countries that are eligible for Apple's Volume Purchase Program.

    • Click to access Avaz Lifetime on App Store (iOS)

      Note: Avaz Lifetime is available only for iOS and not for Android. 

2. Avaz Subscription (free download and subscription plans available)
    • Monthly subscription - $9.99
    • Annual subscription - $99.99 
    • Lifetime purchase - $199.99 


                     Note that the subscription version offers a free trial for 14 days after registering for the app.

Expiry of trial or subscription will result in the absence of images and audio from the app, until a     purchase is done (either monthly, annual or lifetime subscription)

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Countries where Apple's VPP is available

NoteFor those having earlier versions of Avaz Together:

We had consolidated our Avaz offerings by integrating Avaz Together with Avaz. Click here to read more about Avaz Together is now integrated with Avaz 4.1 (for iOS only).