Avaz Pricing 

The Avaz pricing (for US apps) is given below: 

1. Avaz Pro (one time purchase and VPP version for schools)

    • $199.99 
    • Avaz Pro is also available for Volume Purchase Program (VPP) offered by Apple for educational institutions, wherein you can get a 50% discount for a purchase of 20+ copies. Click here to see the list of countries that are eligible for Apple's Volume Purchase Program.
    • Click here to access Avaz Pro VPP on the App store
2. Avaz Lite (free download and subscription version)


We have recently consolidated our Avaz offerings by integrating Avaz Together with Avaz. Click here to read more about Avaz Together is now integrated with Avaz 4.1 (for iOS only). 

Hence Avaz has very recently undergone a price revision for Avaz Lite and Avaz Pro versions (English US versions only), due to the integration of the Caregiver training modules to Avaz and is now priced at $199.99. This change is applicable only to the apps on the USA App store and are not applicable for the Android or international versions. The pricing details for the other apps are available in the respective app description pages of the app store. 

Pricing of Avaz International Versions 

Click here to see Pricing of Avaz India

Click here to see Pricing of Avaz Dansk