Note: The concept of an account is present only for Avaz ver 6.6 and above. 

If you have deleted the account by mistake, don't panic! It's possible to restore it. 

  1. If you had purchased the app via Google Play Store/ iOS App store:
    1. Sign up again with the same email address as used in the first installation.
    2. Your existing subscription will reflect in the app. 
  2. If you had purchased the app via Avaz (or any other) website (via Stripe or RazorPay links)
    1. Your old subscription will not reflect in the new installation. 
    2. Sign up with any email id and password.
    3. Write to about the deletion, along with the following details: 
      1. Your registered email id on Avaz during the initial installation (for us to verify the purchase) 
      2. The new signed-up email id (for us to extend the subscription)
    4. Once we receive the above details, our team will verify your purchase and give you access for the second installation. 

      For any queries, please write to us at

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