Avaz is supported on both the iPad as well as some Android tablets. However, we strongly recommend the iPad instead of Android tablets for Avaz, even if it may be slightly more expensive. The reasons are as follows: 

1. Superior hardware

  • The iPad hardware is far more reliable, having faster response times, better touch sensitivity and performance, compared to a low-cost Android tablet.

2. Hardware support

  • For Android, Avaz is supported only on limited models of Android tablets, and not on all of them. See list of supported devices. But for iPad, Avaz is supported on all models of iPad released so far .. iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro. 

3. Avaz reliability on hardware

  • The iPad, coming from a single manufacturer (Apple), gives us better control over the product since we are able to test it completely on a single piece of hardware. Android, on the other hand, has more than 3000 models (in different sizes and shapes) that support Avaz, and from different manufacturers, each running different versions of Android OS. 
  • Hence, for Android, it is not possible for us (the Avaz team) to test Avaz on each and every model of Android device, during an Avaz version release. Our in-house testing on Android is limited to a couple of Android devices from specific manufacturers (like Google Nexus or Samsung) that are available at the time that the version is released.