Avaz is supported on both the iPad as well as Android tablets and phones. However, not all Android devices are supported. Please refer to Minimum specs required for Avaz to run on Android devices 

Here is a comparison of various factors for both devices:

1. Hardware 

  • The iPad hardware is more reliable, having faster response times, better touch sensitivity and performance, compared to most Android tablets.

2. Devices that run Avaz app

  • For Android, not all Android devices support Avaz, but only a limited set of them. Refer to Minimum specs required for Avaz to run on Android devices.
  • However, for iPad, Avaz is supported on all models of iPad released so far - iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro, as long as it runs the minimum recommended iOS version for the app. 

3. Avaz support  

  • The iPad, coming from a single manufacturer (Apple), gives us better control over the product since we are able to test it completely on a single piece of hardware. For any issues faced by the customer, we are able to quickly reproduce the issue and can respond with a quick fix. 
  • For Android, on the other hand, there are more than 3000 models (in different sizes and shapes) that support Avaz, and from different manufacturers, each running different versions of Android OS. 
  • We (Avaz team) have not tested Avaz running on each and every model of Android device. Our in-house testing of Avaz app on Android platform is limited to a limited set of Android devices from specific manufacturers (like Lenovo or Samsung etc.) that are available at the time of testing. Hence whenever an issue is reported, we may not be able to reproduce the issue immediately and provide a solution or workaround, which may take some time to be resolved. 


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