Speech refers to:

  • The actual sound of spoken language
  • Speaking with a clear voice, in a way that makes speech interesting and meaningful
  • Speaking without hesitating too much or without repeating words or sounds
  • Being able to make sounds like ‘k’ and ‘t’ clearly so people can understand what you say

Language refers to:

  • a whole system of words and symbols, that is used to communicate meaning.
  • Knowing and choosing the right words to explain what you mean
  • Joining words together into sentences, stories and conversations
  • Making sense of what people say
  • Language can be expressed through written, spoken means

Communication refers to:

  • Using language or gestures in different ways, for example to have a conversation or to give someone directions
  • Being able to consider other people’s point of view
  • Using and understanding body language and facial expressions, such as:

                          - Knowing when someone is bored

                          - Being able to listen to and look at people when having a conversation

                          - Knowing how to take turns and to listen as well as talk

                          - Knowing how close to stand next to someone