PECS is a low-tech version of AAC (Augmentative and alternative Communication), whereas Avaz is a high-tech version of AAC. Avaz is hi-tech in the form of an app that runs on iOS (iPads and iPhones) and Android (tabs and phones). 

Here is what differentiates Avaz from PECS or other low-tech AAC:

  • Avaz has images and voice output (it is a speech-generating device or SGD) 
  • Has a range of voices and accents to choose from. You can pick one that suits your child's age and gender
  • Has an in-built graded vocabulary of around 4000-5000 words that you can start using off-the-shelf
  • Has an in-built library of over 45,000 symbols from Symbolstix that can be added to your app
  • Adding pictures - In Avaz, you can add pictures in a few seconds to customize and personalize it for the AAC user. Unlike in PECS where you have to find pictures, download, print, laminate and add velcro strips to each picture to start using it. All these are completely avoided and photos can be added within a few seconds to Avaz app. This makes Avaz extremely scaleable to use. 
  • Portability - the app can be easily carried wherever you go, regardless of the size of vocabulary. In PECS however, once the vocabulary grows, the size becomes more bulky and less portable. 
  • The ease of customization, portability and scaleability make Avaz far superior to a low-tech version such as PECS.

Please browse the Avaz FAQ - for more details about Avaz.