You can change the icon content or message in Avaz by changing the text, image or audio. 

  1. Enter Edit mode: 
    1. For Avaz ver 6.6+ 
      1. Tap the Menu button on the top right corner of the screen. 
      2. Tap the Edit Words button to enter Edit mode.   
    2. For Avaz ver less than 6.6
      1. Tap Edit button on the top right corner to enter the Edit mode. 
  2. Tap to select the required button and then tap the Change button on the top of the page. Refer Screenshot 1 below. 
  3. This opens the Update Word window. See Screenshot 2 below. 
  4. To change the text, modify the Captions or Word box. 
  5. To change the image, enter the text in the Find Picture (Tap on Find Symbols box for Avaz version less than 6.6) to search for symbols from the library. Alternatively, you can also take a photo using your device or add your own photo from the gallery. See how to add photos
  6. You can also change the audio . See how to add or change the audio

Screenshot 1: Tapping the Change button in Edit mode

Screenshot 2: Update window to change the text / image / audio

For Avaz versions less than 6.6
Screenshot of Edit window

View the video to see how to do it. 

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