Avaz can support multiple users on the same device, each having their own profiles (customized vocabulary and settings).

If you have students using Avaz with customized vocabulary and settings, Avaz can support both users on the same device without deleting what is already programmed. Here is how you can switch between the users: 


        1. Set up the Home Screen 


    • The root screen (which shows the various categories (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) can be customized to add content for multiple users: you can create your own categories here, and they can all be set as a Home Screen. So a simple option for using Avaz with multiple children is to create multiple categories on the root screen, named “John”, “Lily”, “Heather” etc., put in child-specific vocabulary into each category, and select the appropriate one as the Home Screen when a particular child is using it.
    • You can set up multiple users' vocabulary under multiple folders on the root screen. You can use the Home Screen setting to do this most efficiently. (Settings -> Home Screen) 
        • E.g. you can have a folder called "Sam", "John", "Sarah" etc., with each folder containing the vocabulary that is required for them.
      • How do I set up the Home screen ?
      • Setting up a user's folder as Home Screen will display the vocabulary that is appropriate for the user.
      • Note that this will only change the vocabulary of the user, but the Settings remains the same. 
      • If you want to change the vocabulary and Settings, use the 2nd method described below.

       2. Create and Restore a Backup 

    • At any point, you can set a particular root screen folder as a Home screen for a given user. This would make the user's content limited to his vocabulary. 
    • This method can be used for setting up Avaz with individualized vocabulary and settings. 
    • Set up Avaz vocabulary and settings as per one user. 
    • Take a backup of the vocabulary and call it by the user's name. E.g. "Sam's Backup 17 Sep". The backup stores the vocabulary and settings and the complete environment of the app. 
    • When you want to use it for the user, restore his backup from Settings > Backup & Restore > Restore from backups. 
    • This will restore his vocabulary and also his settings, spoken messages history and saved sentences in keyboard mode. 
How many user profiles can Avaz store?
There is no such limit. You can store as many user profiles as you want. If you run out of space in the device (since each profile is a backup of the vocabulary) you can always back it up to Dropbox and delete it from the device, and restore it whenever you need it back. 

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