For Avaz Versions 6.6 and above:

Avaz app uses backend analytics systems, that send the debug logs/crash reports to the backend team on app crash. So, as the user doesn't have to do any setting up of Debug mode at their end. 

For Avaz versions less than 6.6:

If you are facing an issue that the Avaz testing team is not able to reproduce, you may be requested to send a Debug Log by the Avaz Support team, . Here is how you can do it: 

  1. Set up debug mode
  • Tap the Search button
  • Enter "Open debug mode". 
  • Confirm to turn on the debug mode. 
  • Use the app in a manner that triggers the issue (e.g. repeat the steps that lead to the app crash)
  • Send the debug log to Avaz Support
  • Tap Settings > Support > Email debug log. This opens the email window. 
  • Send the email to

1. Set up debug mode

2. Confirm debug mode 

3. Send the debug log file

4. Email Debug log to Avaz Support