Here is a comparison of the top 10 AAC Apps, based on feature mapping 

- compiled by Angela Moorad, Omazing Kids 

Top 10 iOS Symbol-based AAC app feature matching chart on Teachers-Pay-Teachers (paid resource)

Why should I choose Avaz or what makes it unique, compared to other AAC Apps?

This is not a detailed feature-by-feature comparison of Avaz versus other AAC apps. But this lists some of the unique features of Avaz that stand out, that are mostly not present in Proloquo and other popular AAC apps like TouchChat, Sonoflex etc.    

1. Avaz is very quick to customize on the fly.

    It has a couple of unique features for customizing on the go:

  • Adding multiple words and images at one go (in picture mode). You just give a list of words to Avaz and voila ! The app adds all the icons with respective images, color codes and word types automatically within seconds!  Click here for more -> How to add multiple items?
  • Searching the web and add copyright-free images from within the app. You don't have to leave the app to go for a Google search to download photos from the web, but you can do it from right within the app! Click here for more -> How to search the web and add images

2. Has a Powerful keyboard mode

    Here are a couple of special features that make the communication much easier for the child using the keyboard:

  • Powerful phrase-based prediction with Picture support. The uniqueness is to have a picture based support for the Text mode, which makes the transition from pictures to text much smoother. Click here for more ->  How does Prediction work in the keyboard mode?
  • Phonetic word prediction (in keyboard mode ). This is a great assistance for poor-spellers - e.g. the word "phone" gets predicted even if the user tries to spell it starting with "fon.." Click here for more ->  How does Avaz assist with Spell check?

3. Provides low tech version of App vocabulary (as a PDF)
  • This is one of the most useful and unique features. You can take a printout of the entire Avaz vocabulary that can serve as a low-tech option for the child to make his "voice" available to him always, regardless of the technology availability. Click here for more -> How to convert Avaz vocab as a PDF and print

4. Parent / Caregiver training module through daily activity-based scenarios

  • Avaz uses novel methods to guide the care-giver to become fluent with the app to teach them therapist-recommended strategies for communication, and suggest simple practical ideas that they could use to model words across different activities through the day.
    • The training includes Practice sessions  - to help you learn Avaz vocabulary layout in an engaging manner, through sample conversation sentences, guided through visual cues. Click here for more -> How does Practice sentences help me learn the app vocabulary?
    •  Communication Strategies offers practical, simple yet effective techniques that are based on therapist-recommended best practices. These are introduced through fun games, based on scenarios of the child's daily activities. This includes tips, conversation ideas and resources / links based on AAC research, that would facilitate and guide the user towards a more successful AAC implementation for the child. Click here for more -> How to learn Communication strategies through Communication Adventure game?

5. Data Logging / Analytics to see the child's progress
  • Avaz is constantly tracking the app usage in the background. You can track the child's progress with language development through the Analytics  that provides you with usage charts, (such as sentence length, core words used etc.) over a specified period. Click here to read What kind of Analytics does Avaz provide?

6. Remote therapy via Avaz Live

Avaz offers an option for therapists and parents to connect to each other remotely, from the comfort of their own homes!  The parent can share their screen with the therapist, who can take control and make changes to the app remotely! Click here for more -> How to do remote therapy via Avaz Live

7. Multi-lingual support

    Avaz offers limited support for multiple languages - as offered by iOS. 

Robust vocabulary for Pragmatic Communication and expression

  • Avaz offers three levels of inbuilt vocabulary sets (levels 1,2 and 3) that can be completely customized, depending on the child's needs. 
  • The vocabulary sets are pragmatically organized - i.e., the vocabulary organization encourages and facilitates a wide range of pragmatic communication and expression - e.g. greetings, expressing an opinion, asking a question, giving a response, commenting, protesting, refusing / rejecting, labeling, making a joke, agreeing / disagreeing, clarifying, instructing, expressing feelings etc. The organization hierarchy makes it easy to implement the above pragmatics while being used by the parent as well as the child. The vocabulary progression through the levels ensures consistent word locations, without disrupting the motor pattern that has already been learnt by the child. 

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