The Zoom option, when turned ON, enlarges the picture or icon when it is tapped. Similarly in the keyboard mode, it enlarges the alphabet or number key when tapped. This enlargement or zoom-in adds to the visual reinforcement for the child due to the animation. 

This setting is turned on by default. If you do not wish to use it, you may turn it off. Note that the setting is common to both the picture and keyboard modes, and cannot be turned on / off selectively. Click here to see How to turn off the enlargement of icon and alphabet keys with Zoom option. 

Tap Settings > Zoom on select(under Picture settings) to configure zoom options. You can set it to zoom at slow speed, or fast speed or no zoom at all. The default is set at medium speed. 

Zoom in Keyboard mode

Note that the enlargement in keyboard mode is available from Avaz 4.2 only.