You can see the various forms of a word (e.g. the different tenses of a verb, the degrees of an adjective, plural / possessive of a noun) by using the Grammar setting. 

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How to edit / change the word forms?

From Avaz version 6.6 and above, you cannot edit the word forms. But in the earlier versions, you can change the word forms that are displayed by editing the words, one at a time. 

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In version 6.6

The word forms are intrinsic and cannot be altered or edited. 

In version below 6.6.

  1. Tap the Edit button to enter the edit mode.
  2. Select the word for which you want to change word forms. 
  3. Tap the Change button on the top right corner. This opens the Edit window for the word.
  4. Tap the pencil icon at the right end of the "Word type". This allows you to edit the contents of the box to the left of the pencil. 
  5. Enter the word forms for the word. 
  6. Tap Done to save the changes.
Now when you use this word, with Grammar options ON, the word forms will be displayed below the message box.

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