If you want to change the currently logged in Dropbox account, you can change the Dropbox login email id, by the following steps in Avaz Settings:

  1. Go to Avaz Settings
    1. If you are using Avaz version 6.6.5 and above, Tap Menu in the top right side of the app and tap Settings 
    2. If you are using Avaz version less than 6.6.5 Tap Settings icon in the top right side of the app. 
  2. Tap Backup & Restore option. 
  3. Set Link to Dropbox = OFF. This unlinks Dropbox from Avaz app. (In Earlier versions refer to Connect to Dropbox option)
  4. Now set Link to Dropbox = ON again. This will try to link to Dropbox and take you to the Login screen of Dropbox, with an option to Sign out. (Refer to the Screenshot below)
  5. Tap the Sign Out option on the top right corner of the page. This will sign you out of the current Dropbox account. 
  6. Enter the new email id to sign in to a different Dropbox account. 

Screenshot of Dropbox Login screen