Avaz offers cross-platform compatibility - you can sync content (backups) between your iOS and Android devices seamlessly.

If you have customized the app and wish to transfer it to another device, without having to redo the changes, you can do so, using different methods. Note that these methods transfer only the app content (vocabulary and settings). 

If you have to transfer to a new device, you first need to restore the app purchase to the new device, before transferring the content.  Click here to see the steps : How do i restore my Avaz purchase on a 2nd device?

Transferring content

A. Take a backup in the source (original) device

For transferring the content, the first step is to take a backup from the original (source) device. Click here for How to take a backup?


B. Transfer the content to the destination (second) device        

Once you take the backup, you can use ANY of the following means to transfer the content between the two devices:  

1. Using AirDrop (recommended for iOS devices) 

    This method :

  • requires Avaz version 4.3 and above
  • is valid only for transfer of content between two iPads

This is the most recommended option as it is the quickest and does not require internet connectivity, nor cables for connecting the devices. 

Click on the link here - How to transfer Avaz content between two iPads, using AirDrop?

2. Using Dropbox  

    Note that this method :

  • requires internet connectivity and the transfer is done via WiFi. 
  • can be used for transfer of content between any two types of devices - iPad / Android devices
  • Is the only method to use if you want to transfer content between iPad and Android devices
  • requires a Dropbox account. If you don't already have one, you will be guided to create one 

Click on the link here - How to transfer Avaz content between two devices, using Dropbox

3. Using iTunes 

     Note that this method :

  • does not require internet connectivity, and can be used where internet is not available. 
  • requires a cable to be connected between the laptop (Mac hardware) and the iPad.
  • is valid only for transfer between Apple devices - iPad and Mac laptop / desktop

     Click on the link here - How to transfer Avaz content between two iPads, using iTunes?

For Avaz Versions lower than 6.6

Brief video of how to sync content between two devices using Dropbox. 

Note: this is a video of an older version of Avaz and may not appear to be exactly the same as what you have.