The app may be crashing due to the following reasons:

  • insufficient space in your Dropbox account 
  • insufficient space in your device 
  • size of Avaz vocabulary is very large with a lot of customized images 

Try freeing up some space in both Dropbox and your device before attempting to connect to Dropbox from Avaz"

  • Delete unwanted backups from Avaz by connecting to iTunes
  • Delete unwanted music, photos, videos etc. from your device
  • Delete unwanted backups from Dropbox 
  • Replace customized images with symbols from the Avaz Library to the extent possible. This reduces the size of backup and Avaz content. 

If it still does not work,  send the details and a video of the app crashing to to help resolve the issue. 

Also see: I am unable to restore backups from Dropbox