Sometimes you may face some issues while connecting with Dropbox or trying to restore backups. 
  • Ensure that Internet is ON
  • Ensure that you are linked to Dropbox (Settings > Backup & Restore > Connect to Dropbox = ON)
  • If you are unable to connect to Dropbox

    General Sync problems between Avaz and Dropbox
1. Space constraint
    1. Sometimes the sync may create take a very long time or not happen at all. This can happen if there are too many backups on either Dropbox or on your device. Every time that you try to Link to Dropbox, the content is pushed both ways - i.e., the backups on your device are pushed to Dropbox and the backups on your Dropbox account are pushed to the device. 
    2. So if there is a space constraint on either your device or in Dropbox, then the sync will not happen as expected. 
    3. Try to clear up the unwanted files and backups both on Dropbox and on the device. You may also clear other unwanted photos, music files, movies, apps from the device as well as your Dropbox account to create more space. 
      1. Click here  to see How to delete backups.
2. Multiple Avaz installations on your device
  • If there is more than one installation of Avaz apps on your device, the link to Dropbox can create a problem. Delete any other installations of Avaz on your device. 
3. Mismatch between Avaz Lite and Avaz Pro backup folders: 
  • If you are taking a backup or retrieving a backup from Avaz Pro, the backups are synched from Dropbox from the folder : Dropbox > Apps > Avaz folder. 
  • And if you are taking a backup / retrieving a backup from Avaz Lite,  the backups are synced from Dropbox from the folder: Dropbox > Apps > Avaz Lite folder. 
  • Hence, if you are backing up and restoring from two different apps (Pro and Lite) then you would have to manually move the backup In Dropbox, to the respective folder where the app expects to find it.
  • E.g. if you are backing up from Avaz Pro and moving it to Avaz Lite, then you have to move the backup file from Dropbox>Apps>Avaz to Dropbox>Apps>Avaz Lite. 

If you are not able to view the view the backups present in Avaz in Dropbox:
  • Ensure that you have sufficient available space in Dropbox, else delete unwanted files and try again. 
If you can view it in Dropbox but it is not downloading it to your 2nd device
  • Ensure there is sufficient space on your device. Try removing all unwanted files, music, photos etc. to create more space and try again.

  • Please refer to the screenshot below: it shows where the Avaz backups will be found in Dropbox.. under Apps > Avaz folder (please note the respective names of Avaz app folders, depending on the Avaz app that you are using).


Note: If Dropbox doesn't work, click here to see 
how to transfer backups using iTunes.