The text in the Avaz folder/word may be getting cut off depending on the device's font size setting. To resolve this, please follow the instructions below based on your device:

For iOS Devices

Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text size > Larger Text = ON and reduce the text size a bit. This should help resolve the issue of words getting cut off.

For Android Devices

Android settings > Accessibility > Visibility enhancements > Font size and style and set the font to the 3/4th point from the left.  In most cases, the 4th point is the ideal value but, in some cases, the 3rd point works better. 

Please note that the pathway to adjust the font size may vary depending on the device. It could be the following too: Settings > Display and brightness > Font size
. Please explore both pathways to locate the font size settings on your specific device and make the necessary adjustments.

1. Tap on your device's Settings icon. 

2. Tap on Font size and style under Display settings

3. Adjust the font size by setting the font to the 3/4th point from the left.

Save and exit from Settings and check if the font issue is resolved. 

If you continue to experience difficulties or have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to with a screenshot/ short video of the issue.