If words are mispronounced, you can change the pronunciation of the word, by providing an alternate spelling of the word, that will be spoken phonetically. You can do this either when you add a new word or when you edit an existing word. This feature is particularly useful for altering pronunciation of names of people, food, cities and other proper nouns. You can also record your own voice for a given word - Click here to see How to record my voice or change the audio?

To change the pronunciation: 


1.Tap the Edit button on the top right corner 

2.Select the button that you want to change the pronunciation for, by tapping it. 

3.Tap the Change button - this opens the Edit window for the item. The audio details are in the bottom of the window. 

4.Enter the phonetic spelling of the word in the Speak As box.

  • E.g. if the digitized voice speaks a word incorrectly e.g. fajitas , you can correct it by spelling it phonetically in the Speak As field, i.e "fayee tus" for an improved pronunciation. *

5.Test the pronunciation by tapping the Speaker icon on the right. You can try various combinations to get the correct pronunciation. 

6.Use the delete button to delete the Speak As and retain the default pronunciation.

7. Tap the Done button to save the changes. 

* More examples of phonetic spelling for Avaz  India app:


You can change the pronunciation of words in Picture mode only. Note that this will not alter the pronunciation of the word when used in the text mode.