Avaz supports Grammar forms and provides morphology options for verb, adjective and noun forms. Whenever a word  (with word forms) is displayed on the message box, the various word forms of the word are displayed just below the message box and you can choose the most relevant one. 

The word forms displayed for each type of word in Avaz are:

  1. Verbs (past, past participle, present, continuous, future tense)
  • e.g. EAT (ate, eaten, eats, eating, will eat)
  • Nouns (singular, plural, possessive), 
    • e.g. BAG (bag, bag's, bags)
  • Adjectives (simple, comparative, superlative)
    • e.g. BIG (big, bigger, biggest)
  • Pronouns 
    • e.g. YOU (you, yourself, your, yours)


    The usage of word forms allows the user to use the most appropriate form of the word, to make the communication more grammatically correct and more appropriate to the context. 

    The word forms are displayed only if the Grammar setting is turned ON. 

    How do I turn on the Grammar setting?

    How do I change the word forms (morphology) in Avaz ?