In terms of app features, there are NO differences between the two versions Avaz Lifetime and Avaz AAC.  In Avaz AAC, when you are subscribed to either the one week Free Trial or Monthly subscription or Lifetime Purchase, you have the SAME FEATURES of Avaz Lifetime. 

The only difference between the two types of apps, is in terms of purchase options:

  1. Avaz Lifetime requires outright purchase off the App Store; whereas Avaz AAC is a free download with subscription offers through in-app purchases. 
  2. Avaz AAC allows you to trial the app before purchase. It offers a one week trial, after which you need to purchase either a Monthly subscription or a lifetime purchase to be able to use the app.
    • Note that the trial version offers ALL the features that are present in the full featured app. 
  3. In Avaz Lifetime, if you are an educational institution, you are entitled to a 50% discount for a purchase of 20+ copies of the app. This feature is not available with the Avaz AAC (subscription-based). 

Apart from these, there are no other differences. 

Note that every version of Avaz app (including other languages) is either a Lifetime version (where the app downloads only after purchasing it from the App Store ) or a subscription version (app is downloaded for free, trialled and then purchased in-app either as Monthly subscription or Lifetime purchase).

* Avaz AAC was called Avaz Lite in the earlier version. 

** Avaz Lifetime Edition was called Avaz Pro in the earlier version.