Sometimes Avaz may respond strangely and not as expected - e.g. poor response time, audio lags etc. 

This may be due to the following reasons: 

  • Recent OS updates that you may have done
  • Extensive customization of the app with heavy photos can slow it down considerably. When you add photos, ensure that they are very light in size;  avoid heavy photos. It may be worthwhile to check the size of each photo uploaded and replace them with lighter versions or even Symbolstix images if possible.
  • You can use this app to resize photos in the iPad - Reduce - Batch resize photos for iPad
  • Insufficient space on your device - try deleting unwanted photos, music, videos, files etc. and see if that helps. Else follow the steps below to try and resolve the issue. 

You can try the following options to resolve the issue: 

1. Take a backup of Avaz content

  1. First take a backup of your existing content (if you have customized Avaz)  - Click here to see How to take a backup of Avaz content
  2. Save the content to Dropbox in the Cloud - Click here to see How to transfer the backup from my device to Dropbox in the Cloud

2a. Reset vocabulary

Check the response time now. If the problem is not resolved, go to Step 2b

If the problem is resolved, it means that the problem is because of the customized content. Go to step 3 to restore the backup. You may have to recreate the content or replace the heavier images with lighter forms of it or with Symbols from the Symbolstrix library until the response time improves. 

2b. Delete and reinstall Avaz

  1. Take a backup of your content (if you have customized it)
  2. You can delete Avaz from your device and reinstall it again. 
  3. Click here to reinstall Avaz from the Purchased apps section (in the App Store -scroll down and tap the Purchased button) and reinstall from there. Click here for more detailed instructions on How to reinstall Avaz after deleting it  (please follow steps depending on whether you have purchased in-app or purchased it off the app store).

Check the response time now. 

If the problem is resolved, it means that the problem is due to the Avaz installation. 

3. Restore the backup from Dropbox (if you had taken a backup)
Click here to see How to restore backup from dropbox

If the problem still persists, write to with the following details: 
- Name of the app
- Version number of the app
- Platform - iOS / Android
- version number of iOS / Android
- available memory on the device
- list the exact steps that led to the problem (e.g. update of OS etc.)
- attach videos of the problem 
- also send a backup of your data (the data will remain strictly confidential)