Updated on 11 Dec 2023:

You may have recently started facing an issue with the Web Search not working in the Avaz Edit mode (for Picture vocabulary). 

Apologies for the inconvenience caused!

We have been using a 3rd Party function for the Web Search, for which the service provider had recently withdrawn support - from Nov 2023. This issue is occurring on all Avaz apps on iOS and Android platforms. 

Our team addressed this issue on top priority. Now the new update has been released for Avaz India app (Android) which fixes this issue. The update for the iOS apps too will be released very shortly. 

Your understanding is greatly appreciated, thank you :) Until the issue gets fixed, we're offering a temporary workaround for internet photos. 

Temporary workaround  

As a temporary workaround for uploading photos, you may either:

  1. Take photos using the camera icon 
  2. Search for images using the regular Google search (from outside the app), and then bring it into the app through the Gallery.

You may have to use this workaround until the next app update is released.

We will keep you updated about the same via email / notifications. Please look out for these, to stay abreast of developments regarding this issue. 

For further queries, please contact support@avazapp.com

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