For Avaz 4.2 and above, you can search and add web images seamlessly from within the app. You can browse through a whole bunch of copyright free images from right within the app and add select the most appropriate one with a single click, without having to first save it to your device and uploading it later into the app.

How to search 

  1. Enter the text for the image to be searched in the Find Symbol box
  2. To search for images from the web, tap the Web option. 
  3. To search for images from the Symbolstix library, tap the Symbols option. 
  4. Both the above options display a number of images, one at a time, in the box above the Caption, as shown in the screenshot below. 
  5. The label to the bottom right of the image displays the total count of images found for the search and also indicates the currently viewed image, e.g. 4 of 50 i.e., the 4th image of a total count of 50 images retrieved for the searched word. 
  6. You can scroll back and forth to locate the most appropriate image by scrolling through the right and left arrows, on either side of the displayed image. 

Note: The web search requires internet connectivity.