If your app is not opening, try the following options :

  1. Clear up some memory space in your iPad by deleting unwanted apps/ photos/ music/ videos etc. And then try running the app
  2. Restart your iPad (by holding down the ON-OFF button and the Home button of the iPad simultaneously for 10 seconds until it restarts the iPad with the Apple Logo) 
  3. Delete and reinstall the app. If you had taken a backup to Dropbox, you can restore it after you have reinstalled the app.
If these doesn't help, write to Avaz Support at support@avazapp.com with the following details: 
  1. Name of the app, version number
  2. Name of the device and model number
  3. Name of the Operating system (iOS / Android) and it's version number
  4. Brief explanation of the error you are facing with videos or screenshots of the same 
  5. Steps that led to the error and video of the same