The Avaz India app has vocabulary that is culturally relevant for Indian users  - e.g. Indian food (idli, dosa etc.), Indian festivals (e.g. Diwali, Holi..) etc.  This also includes reduced vocabulary sets for 6 Indian languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. 

Avaz ver 6.6.5 onwards is a consolidated version of Avaz that includes all languages that were previously existing as independent apps, in both iOS and Android, including English (India). The Indian vocabulary can be selected from the app, if you select English (India) from the set of languages available in Avaz Settings - click here to see how to Select Indian vocab from Avaz settings.

How to get Indian vocabulary from within the app

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Change Language

  2. Select English (India) and 6 Regional languages.
  3. Tap Next to load the home page in Picture mode in the selected language. 
  4. The Indian vocabulary will be downloaded and Home screen will be set to the new Indian vocabulary

For Avaz versions below 6.6.5 

If you wish to download the Indian vocabulary:

Indian vocabulary (in English)

The Backup file for the default Indian vocabulary is attached below. Download it on your device and click here to understand the process of restoring backups to your app - How to restore vocabulary from .avt / .avc files?

Bangla vocabulary

Please contact for Bangla vocabulary. 


While restoring the backup, select Append option (this adds a folder with the new vocabulary). The Replace option replaces your existing vocabulary with this new vocabulary being restored.