From Shweta Kumari, mother of two sons with Autism. 

"I am going through surprising things with my sons. 

This is a video of my child Vedansh, age 7 years. Before I taught him typing, he was on picture mode on Avaz. But after teaching typing, I was so surprised that both my children know the whole spelling of any short or long words that I have never taught them before. After I learned in Avaz (ACAP course) that we should always go one step ahead of current level of child, I thought I can start with sentences, then again they come up with surprises - they both knew whole sentences in proper grammar which I have never taught them before! 

In this video, he is doing just translation ... But they both are expressing themselves very nicely! I'm so happy and surprised. 

Yesterday I asked Vivaan, my second son, what he likes about school and he said "friends". Then I asked what he ate; and he said "chips". I can't express in words what were my feelings at that time.  I'm trying to shoot a video of our conversation and I will share some of them with you.

I would like to say thank you to Avaz ? , because of that I'm now able to talk with my children Vivaan and Vedansh ?