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 talks about her son's journey with Avaz:


"This is one year of hard work of every single day. We started with Avaz app exactly a year ago just to wish g
ood morning to teacher and friends in an online class. It was initially so overwhelming that first six months I felt nothing is working. Moving his hands and selecting from even two options were very difficult. Seeing the kids talk in fluent sentences and we struggling with everything was very demotivating for me. I cried, felt life is unfair to us and Smayan was taking up my anxiety and stress.

But, today I want to celebrate we sticking to it despite the challenges and proud to say he is now able to match his peers in answering to teacher via avaz app. It also helps us to ascertain how much he actually has understood and can we move to next level.

There is lots of uncertainty still as how will we catch up next year as we move from words to sentences and for how long these four option thing is going to work, but today we choose to celebrate."