Internet connection is not required for regular usage of the app, but it is required only under specific conditions: 

Internet requirement during the initial app install / purchase: 

  1. For purchasing and downloading the app from the iTunes App Store, or Play Store.
  2. For signing up / logging in to the app for the subscription version. This is a one-time activity and is required to be done as soon as you download the app.
  3. For extending subscriptions, it is required to close the app and re-open it under an active internet connection for the extended subscription to reflect in the app. 

    Once logged in, Avaz does not require an internet connection for regular use, except for specific features, that require internet:

Specific features that require Internet during regular usage: 

  1. Sharing Avaz messages to social network (through email, Facebook, Message, etc.) 
  2. Linking to Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive (to secure and synchronize your backups from the device to Dropbox in the Cloud)
  3. Web Search for adding image. 
  4. Mailing/Sharing the lowPDF file