Currently Avaz offers selected languages for localized vocabulary and app buttons. 

Apart from these different language apps, Avaz offers limited support for many more languages, as offered through the keyboards and voice settings in the device. 

 - Click here to see the List of languages supported by Avaz (keyboard and voice). This is applicable for all versions of Avaz AAC (subscription and Lifetime editions) for versions 4.0 and above. 

This provides "limited support" as it does not change the language of the app, but you can change the different words in the vocabulary in the picture mode and also the spoken voice (audio) of these words to the same  language. The rest of the app and the app keyboard remain unchanged, in English.

You can set up the Edit item keyboard and Voice settings to a different language. The Edit item keyboard allows you to edit the English words in the Picture vocabulary, and convert it to a different language; and you can set the Voice to the same language so that you can hear the word spoken with the correct pronunciation. 

Avaz supports the Apple-supported languages for the above. For the languages set, you can add new words / edit existing words in the new language and also get audio (text-to-speech) in the new language voice. 

How to change the text of the icon to a different language?

        You can change the language settings (audio/voice and keyboard) in the following manner.

    First, add the new language keyboard, through Apple's iPad Settings: 

  1. Tap iPad Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards. 
  2. Scroll down and tap Add New Keyboard. This pops up a window that displays a list of Suggested keyboards. 
  3. Select the language of your choice. Now you can use this additional language in Avaz, to edit or add new messages in the new language.
  4. For more details, click here ->  How to change the language of the keyboard in the iPad ?

- Tap on the Menu Button --> Settings --> Scroll to the Bottom of the screen --> Avaz Language (Select Change Language) --> English India (In the change language screen) --> Tap Next (Right top corner of the screen) --> Resources Download will start if its the first time you are switching (allow it a few minutes) --> Tap on Other Languages Folder --> Tamil

2. Backup In Avaz
Currently, Dropbox is the only cloud option available in Avaz. It's always best to backup your files in Dropbox. You should check if your dropbox is full as they offer only 2GB on a free dropbox account.
- You should also check to see if your internet connection is active. Please try unlinking and linking the dropbox back again.

         Using the new language in Avaz to enter the text
  1. In Avaz Picture mode, you can change words in Edit mode by editing the contents of the Caption field.  Tap the Edit button on the top to go to Edit mode. Tap the word that you wish to change and then tap the Change button on the top right to Edit the content. 
  2. The contents of the Caption field contains the text that is displayed under each icon. When you tap the Caption field, the iPad English Keyboard pops up as the default language set. At the bottom of the keyboard, you will see a globe icon   towards the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard. You can tap the Globe icon until it changes to the language of your choice on your keyboard. The chosen language is displayed on the Space bar. Now you can enter the text in the language of your choice.


How to change the audio (voice) to another language?

You can change the voice to a new language, using the following steps: 

In Picture mode, this will speak out the text as defined in the Caption field of the icon, or the contents of the Speak As field. Note that the Speak As content overrides the Caption content for audio.  

For Avaz versions 6.6.x and above

  1. Tap Menu > Settings > Voice (under Audio settings) > Default Voices or Premium Voices by Ivona 
  2. Scroll to see the list of language voices available. 
  3. Tap the play icon to listen to a sample audio. 
  4. Select the language and voice of your choice. The new voice is activated.

Screenshot: Speech settings

For Avaz versions less than 6.6x

  1. Tap Settings > Voice (under Audio settings)
  2. Scroll to see the list of language voices available. Tap the speaker icon to listen to a sample audio. 
  3. Select the language and voice of your choice. The new voice is activated. 

Using a language that is not included in the above list for audio

If the language that you want to use for audio is not included in the above list, you can record your voice using the audio button in the Edit window,

Click here to know How to record my voice as audio for the icon