How to close / kill the app and restart Avaz app (iOS)

  1. Double tap the iPad home button in quick succession This brings up all the apps that are currently open, stacked horizontally. See the screenshot below. If you don't tap it twice quickly enough, it just brings up the home screen of the iPad.
  2. Alternatively, you can also hold your 4 fingers apart on the screen, and swipe them all upwards simultaneously. This too brings up the list of open apps, stacked horizontally. 
  3. Scroll through the stacked apps (sideways) until you find the Avaz app. 
  4. Touch the app that you want to close, with your finger, and flick it upwards and off the screen. See the red arrow in the screenshot below. This action takes the app off the screen and closes the app. 

How to close the app (in Android)

Note: It is good practice to close all open apps on a periodic basis, since leaving apps open, consumes memory and tends to drain the battery faster. 

How to restart the app (Android)